Meet Hana, Shiro & Amai

AMAI, SHIRO AND HANA ARE ARTISTS. They met during a time of crisis.

Amai, the bee, is a comedian. He worked in a pub at night doing funny comic numbers for sad workers, who came after work to have a few drinks to drown their sorrows.

Shiro, the bunny, is an actor. For many years he worked doing always the same character: the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. He was tired of constantly playing the same role, but he never got any other offer, despite being the first to appear at all possible auditions.

Hana, the flower, earned her living by playing and singing in her city’s subway tunnel. She would spend hours and hours, guitar in hand, among hundreds of people hurrying through that underground tunnel of artificial lights, to get some money to eat and pay for her room in a gray pension.

But times of crisis came, a terrible flu pandemic attacked humans, the authorities ordered theaters, bars and subways to close, and forced everyone to shut themselves in their homes.

Amai, Shiro and Hana lost their jobs and were having a very hard time. As the days went by, the few savings they had started running out.

After several weeks, the city’s food banks reopened and the neighbors who still had resources brought food to share. They opened every Wednesday and large queues of people waited outside, with masks on their faces, expecting to take some food home.

There was where our friends met. At first, they had shy talks, but then they became upbeat and soon they seemed to know each other for ever. Hana with her lively way, had an idea and asked her two new friends: what if they open a YouTube channel and create their own show? At least they wouldn’t be so alone in quarantine times and could share their art with other people. So it was, said and done: they began to get together a few times a week to organize their shows and record them. An elegant mix of ironic humor, music and art, which in no time had more than 1 million views! 

The pandemic passed and the three friends, with few resources, imagination and a lot of art, managed to get out of the misery. Now they share a small house on the outskirts of the city. They continue to make their online show and with the earnings they help other artists like them to find their way.

They say that after the storm the sun always rises!

I hope you liked the story of Hana, Shiro and Amai …
If you want to crochet this spring trio you can find the pattern*, with details of the step by step, in my Etsy shop.

*To follow this pattern you need basic knowledge of crochet and amigurumi (magic ring, single crochet, increase, decrease, half double crochet, double crochet…)

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